Stacy & Andrew

Fantastic day from start to finish

When we decided to get married, we wanted our day to be perfect especially me....the bride. I suppose like every bride to be you have a picture in your mind of how your special day should be. Myself and my now husband decided that we would have our special day in Oul Deniz, Turkey and it was the best decision we have both ever made!!!

When arriving in Olu Deniz we met with our Wedding Planner Ali, who I have to say is one of the nicest men I have met. Ali discussed with us what we needed to do before the wedding and how we would like our wedding. Ali also accomanpied us to Antalya for translation of our documents, he took us to choose flowers, the cake, the colours, the photographer, the seating arrangements, food, music everything you would expect a Wedding Planner in England to do. He even took us for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The day of our wedding arrived and Ali what can I/We sorry say except it was perfect!!!! A Sunset wedding was perfect - although we nearly missed it cos I was late (but it is a brides duty to be late). A champagne toast on the beach, photographs (even a news report) and then back to the Karbel Sun Hotel, were we arrived back to be greeted by the family, the hotel staff (who are also amazing) and FIREWORKS, that were just amazing.

The food was amazing and there was a lot of was going to go hungry!!, we had chosen a Turkish cuisine, which catered for everyones tastes, and everyone enjoyed.

The day and night was just perfect, I have got to admit I couldn't have done it better.

We registered are wedding a few days later and spent practically the rest of our holiday with Ali and his staff at his hotel.

Again I must say we had the most amazing wedding/holiday in Olu deniz and mostly because of Ali. You do get what you pay for, if not more, there are no hidden costs.

Me, Andrew, Dandan & Lulu would highly recommend a wedding with because if Ali and the Karbel Sun gang are looking after you, then its guranteed to be PERFECT!!

Stacy & Andrew