Offical Paper Work Only

This package consist of helping you obtain all the legal paperwork and requirments needed for you to get married in Turkey .

On 1st March 2014 the procedure for British nationals getting married in Turkey is completely changed .

Some of the paper work needs to be done by you in Uk before traveling to Turkey

       1  )  Affidavid of Marital Status form needs to be filled in by  the couple both  firstly.One in each name .Then they need to be signed in person and witnessed by  notary public in Uk .You can download these documents from 

       2 ) After the forms are signed and witnessed by notary public /solicitor  they need to be send to FCO Legalisation department in Milton , Keynes

       3 ) When you got these documents back from FCO legalisation department , All the paperwork is completed in Uk

       4 ) The rest of the paper work will be done in Turkey on behalf
of you  .

        A ) The Public Hospital Fees ( No Blood Test / Examination required.)

        B ) And Official governor fees  included

Then the option of where you get married is entirely yours.

More information is provided for paper work that you need to do in Uk explained step by step at needs to do section 

Official Paper Work Only Price List __________ £ 590