Nichola & Dean

Subject: the best day of our lifes! "Getting married abroad in turkey is not as complicated as you may think. Especially when you have some one called ali ... organising it for you.

Me and my partner dean of 10 years both are from england but have always wanted to get married abroad. In 2007 we went to turkey for the first time. We went to olu deniz, which is famous for its beautiful blue lagoon beach which is one of the most photographed beaches in the world.

We stayed at an amazing hotel called karbel sun. This is where we met ali , he was the hotel manager.

Me and dean had 2 amazing weeks and loved it so much we started talking about getting married there next year. We started talking to ali about it, and he said that he would arrange it all for us.

This was in september, we kept in touch at first by email, askin questions and telling him everything we wanted. Then by january the ball was really rolling we planned to get married on september 3rd 2008.

We chose the day and the time(sun set), and it was all booked for us by this time we were havin telephone discussions and even ali came out to england twice as he has english family and met up with us, which was brilliant. Basically every thing we wanted to know him found out for us and everything we wanted he arranged for us.

At first the idea of gettin married in another country might seem a little daunting, but with ali it was so easy he did every thing, including booking a spectacular place to get married, the marriage man, the paper work for getting married abroad, the trips to see officals when you arrive in turkey to make the wedding legal, taking us somewhere to choose the flowers, getting a cake of your choice,translating all turkish speaking to english as he is fluent in english and turkish,taking you to a really good hairdresser and nail technichan,transport for your wedding day and also transport for you and all your guests from the airport to hotel and back, taking us to an amazing photographer and dvd proffesional. Honestly you have nothing to worry about if you go through him.

The actual day was amazing, every thing was so perfect, we had 30 guests from england and he looked after everyone. They all agreed how perfect it was to. If you get married in olu deniz and ali organises it, all i can say is, every thing just comes with whistles and bells on it! You will be looked after so well, He just can’t do enough for you.

He was so organised and every thing ran so smoothly and i had no stresses at all, especially as i was sitting round a pool on my wedding day relaxing! Ali makes your wedding day how it should be stress free!

And the price was amazing if you had to same in england you would be looking at tripple what we paid and more. But saying that you could not have a wedding like that in england!

Ali is now a very good friend of ours as you know this a man you can trust, after all he organised the best day of our lifes which we will never forget, thank you ali, love

Nichola and Dean chick!