Mike and Tracey

Ali Tas from the Karbel Sun hotel, Olu Deniz

On the 13th of June 2013 i had the opportunity to marry my one true love, my one, my Tracy. We considered the UK but the weather is an issue and the price is a real problem, so much outlay for so little return. We both fell in love with Olu Deniz, as in October 2012 i proposed to Tracy and she agreed to be my wife. So the setting was perfect, the next bit was finding a venue and someone who could help us arrange our day. We decided there and then in 2012 that Olu Deniz was to be the area we wanted to be married in, and it was through staying at the Karbel sun hotel that we came to know Ali.

What a gentleman, the first thing you feel when you meet Ali is relaxed and you very quickly trust him. Ali talks you through everything, the forms, the registration (the UK and the Turkish), the options for the day, the options for the night and basically caters the day to what we wanted. You agree a price and what that gets you, its a fraction of the cost of the UK. Then you need to leave  a little deposit, but not until you get the day booked and the venue agreed. 

Once back in the UK Ali keeps in regular contact, regular updates and he walks you through the forms you should be filling in and when they should be done for. Ali then sets everything up for you for when you arrive in turkey. Once back in Turkey Ali has arranged everything, the trip to Antalya to register the intention to marry, and all the things you wanted including. The trust you put in Ali at the very start is well placed.

Then the day of the wedding came, with Glorious sunshine all day, Tracy`s hair was styled, the flowers came, there was food and drink for us as we got ready, then it was time. Ali had transfer to the blue lagoon arranged for me and the guests, then a beautiful car for Tracy and her dad. Ali was there to arrange and organise everything, the service was beautiful and the photographer was amazing. Then back to the hotel for an amazing evening, all arranged and over seen by Ali.

If youve never seen the Blue lagoon before, just look on line, look at the reviews, look at the weather stats, look at the scenery.
Tracy and I wanted to be married to each other, but we had a budget, we were demanding (so we thought) but as it turned out our demands were realistic and made real by Ali.

So if you want to know why you should use Ali to organise your wedding, its simple, he`s brilliant.
If you want sun, scenery out of this world and great people, then go to Olu Deniz, if you go to Olu Deniz then allow Ali to support your dream wedding.

He arranged our dream wedding so beautifully, and made our special day amazing, thankyou Ali.

Mike and Tracy Potts